About David

As a therapist I have been helping individuals and couples for the past 15+ years to manage their emotions, improve relationships, deal with challenges and transitions, eliminate self-destructive behaviors, feel more internally secure and much more.

David Allan Counsellor in Blackburn, Melbourne

My approach

I use an integrative approach that utilizes a number of methods including various forms of Hypnosis, Positive Psychotherapy, NLP and Counselling.

This enables me to work with clients on both a Conscious and a Subconcious level to achieve lasting change.

My style is jargon-free and relaxed.

My approach allows a person to explore their thoughts and emotions in a supportive and constructive atmosphere.

I offer a safe, confidential environment to discuss the issues troubling you in our often complicated lives.

During my years of practice, it's been a privilege to work with such a broad range of clients and to facilitate change with new learnings.

My qualifications

  • Member Association National Australian Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling
  • Diploma of Ego State Therapy
  • Certificate of Achievement USA Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
  • Clinical Member Australasian Ego State Therapy Association
  • Testimonials

    • I have known David Allan for over 30 years and during that time have watched him grow as both a Counsellor and a Change Therapist. David is a skilled and sensitive practitioner and brings to his work an incredible connection, flexibility and intuitive insight. David is also a consumate professional and continues to embrace leading edge change modalities. I highly recommend David as a guide to the processes of transformation, personal evolution and change.

      Grant Soosalu - Author, Psychologist, NLP PractitionerMultiple Brain Integration (mBIT) Coaching

    • Having just given birth to twin boys I realised that the time for change was here. I was currently struggling with the demands of 2 new borns, energy levels low, sugar cravings high, and very over weight. I felt that no weight loss solution was going to work for me until I listened to my body & got in touch with what was happening in my environment. David has allowed me to explore the feelings going on around me & gain focus on the goal ahead, weight loss. Hypnosis has been the tool to enable me to visualise the person I want to become. A healthy mum, no longer craving sugar all the time with high energy levels. David guided me through the steps of hypnosis and gave me the tools to continue with daily meditation at home. David has allowed me to explore my emotions and guided me through complex thoughts. I leave each visit feeling more empowered & capable of the journey ahead. To date I have lost a staggering 40 kgs with a clear end in sight. Thank you David for the life skills you have taught me.

      Roberta P

    • David has been a colleague for many years. During this time I have witnessed him implement courage, resolution, self reliance, and compassion in all his dealings. Anyone trusting him with their human condition of vulnerability or of covering over one's vulnerability, can be assured, that although they may enter the therapeutic relationship with a sense of confusion around the direction their issues may take, within a short period of time, the relationship entered into has the capacity to take them to renewed confidence and new capabilities. David is industrious and honourable. He will not do it for you, but, in working with him, you will experience a supportive guide on your path of discovery. His manliness is engaging and balanced. Whether you are male, female, a couple or a family, he has the capacity and maturity to hold the sacred space for valuable communication to transpire and for connections whether to self or others to be recognised and reconciled."

      Patricia Miller College of Education - Victoria University

    • Before I met David, I suffered from extreme anxiety that was affecting all areas of my life.

      One day I was sitting on the couch unable to move, shaking with fear just staring out of the window. My husband was calling me but I couldn't answer him; I knew that day I had to do something.

      After just a few therapy sessions with David, I've had amazing results. The negative thoughts are no longer controlling my life, I feel much more postive about my future. I've started to become the confident person I have always wanted to be.

      I highly recommend David and his therapy practices for life changing results.

      Christine D

    • With gratitude ....
      David, I have so greatly benefitted from our two sessions. Your insight into my depression has opened my eyes to an important blockage in my life. You are a very compassionate person with a genuine understanding of the human person and I thank you for it.

      John C

    • Hi David
      Firstly thanks for all the help, after 26 years of stuttering and low confidence, this last week has been just amazing because I have been more and more confident in picking up the phone to make client calls.

      There's still room for improvement as a couple of time I did stutter on certain words, but compared to the previous week I am very, very amazed to say the least and very happy!

      Matt Real Estate Sales

    • Dear David
      Since you helped me with hypnotherapy for my water phobia, I am swimming 8 x 50 metre laps three morning a week ( 4 backstroke and 4 freestyle.) I feel no anxiety when in the water and never have the urge to grab hold of the edge or lane rope. The confidence that I feel in swimming is also evident in other aspect of my life, in particular, in managing my income.

      My first hypnotherapy from you about swimming, lasted for 10 years, before I was effected by other considerations. At present, I feel that I will be able to keep swimming well past my 80th birthday and as I improve my breath control, I will be able to swim more laps.

      Sincerely, thank you for your help, it has made a great difference to my life.

      Kind regards,

      Jim Gracie